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Why Christians Should be Pro-Choice

I really couldn’t let this month pass without saying something about abortion. Of course, this month was National Right to Life month and many churches and other pro-life organizations have attempted to bring this issue to the forefront of people’s minds. I suppose that since January is the month of the anniversary of Roe vs. […]

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How to Choose a Church (2)

Theology is a serious quest for the true knowledge of God, undertaken in response to His self-revelation, illumined by Christian tradition, manifesting a rational inner coherence, issuing in ethical conduct, resonating with the contemporary world and concerned for the greater glory of God. John Stott In my last post, How to Choose a Church, I […]

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Why Do You Go to Church Where You Do?

If you are a reader of this blog, then you already know that one of my passions is ecclesiology and one of my desires is to help usher in reform to the church, especially in the traditional American South. If you are not a regular reader, it will become apparent shortly. Have you ever wondered […]

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Mr. Pitts and His Dangerous Proposition for Religious Freedom

It’s surprising that such anti-intellectual material is published. Leonard Pitts’ article Jeb Bush chooses experience on gay marriage issue is just that, the pits! If an accomplished ‘writer’ can’t make a coherent point without leveling a barrage of ad hominem attacks, then I question his own ability to make a strong or intelligible point, must […]