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By Whose Authority (2) The Pastor (part 2)

In the last post I discussed the primary pastoral duty and how it related to authority in the church. I then spoke of these criteria which we could visualize that would help us discern whether one who claims authority actually has it. These I describe as duties… So what are they? What are the duties […]

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Evidently Arguments are not Evidence…He Argues

I’ve noticed many atheists use circular reasoning when they explain why they believe what they do. They go from no evidence, to no faith, to no evidence again. I’ve spoken to many atheists in person and online, and this is how it goes: (If I were to begin my argument against atheism this way, my […]

Church Preaching Theology Worship

By Whose Authority (2) (The Pastor) part 1

Because, they reply, they are pastors of the church and have been consecrated by the Lord[1]-Jean Calvin This little gem is a piece of Calvin’s argument to the King of France in the beginning of his Institutes of the Christian Religion. He had left his home country of France during the Reformation. There were those […]

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Is Prepping Christian?

There’s nothing like being prepared. When circumstances change, there’s nothing like looking over your shoulder and seeing those things that you have made ready for such a time as this. The old motto of the Boy Scouts was “Be prepared”. It was a virtue drilled into the minds of each one of the young men […]