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Get Into the Game of Apologetics and Evangelism

How do we get in the game of apologetics and evangelism? Several years ago, I read a book by Norman Geisler and his son David titled Conversational Evangelism. It’s subtitle was how to listen and speak so you can be heard. I was attempting to deal with a problem of my own in which I […]

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Jesus, Our Hope is Our Greatest Apologetic

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I were walking into the local hospital to visit her father in ICU. As soon as we exited the car in the parking lot, we could hear a lady crying near the ER. Her crying was not simply sobbing. It was that all too familiar crying, weeping, uncontrollable, pain ridden, […]

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The PCA Needs Apologetics Now!

For the last several months my family and I have been attending PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) churches. After becoming reformed as far as my Soteriology (salvation) and gradually becoming reformed in the rest of my theology, we left the church we had attended for 14 years. In that church, we had been involved in […]