Nothing is a Poor Excuse for Anything

When skeptics question the origin of the universe, they often decide that it could not have been the effect of an ultimate cause. Many of them can’t tolerate the idea that the universe came from something. Their answer for what caused the universe to come into existence, like my answer to my wife, is simply nothing.


There is a misconception about God that is prevalent in our culture. In less than orthodox mainline churches especially, this is not only a doctrine preached, it is an essential. In those places, this error is listed among the attributes of God. It is God’s Omni-tolerance.

A Spring Reminder of Three Basic Apologetic Methods

I think Christians are prone to the same temptations when it comes to apologetics/evangelism so it would be a good thing to point some of us back to those basic tactics every now and then, and today I’m going to use my turkey hunting experience to do just that. Here’s a spring reminder of three basic apologetic methods.