Abortion Advocates Continue to Shadow Box

Abortion advocates continue to shadow box. Why?

I’ll tell you why. They can no longer engage the arguments against abortion because abortion has finally been confirmed to be the killing of an unborn, human person.

There is no justification for that.

Abortion advocates have stuck with the same old boring arguments of women’s suffrage, choice, health care, and religious oppression. I can’t say as I blame them. I wouldn’t want to be burdened with the task of defending murder either.

In case you have had your head in the sand the last several weeks, videos (both edited and unedited, full length versions) have been released by the Center for Medical Progress that expose Planned Parenthood (a federally funded abortion provider) as dealers of human body parts. During abortions, this organization dismembers the unborn human persons body and sells the pieces to stem cell researchers for profit.

The direct result has been the public cry for justice beginning with defunding of Planned Parenthood. Surprisingly, most folks don’t want their tax money used to fund this federal Frankenstein.

The indirect result is that the culture is taking a second look at its rubber stamp approval of abortion. The pictures of the unborn are unbearable reminders of just what a fetus or embryo is, unborn human persons. It was easy to think of them as mere biological clumps of tissue in the past, but now after seeing the faces, eyes, arms, legs, and organs of the smallest and most helpless people on the planet as they’re premeditatedly killed, dismembered, and sold, the conscience of the culture has been pierced.

With the momentum in our favor, I’d like to offer a few quick retorts that you may use to refocus the discussion if someone tries to cling to the same ole, useless and lazy arguments for abortion.

“Women should have the right to do what they wish with their body.”

I agree that women have often been treated unfairly and considered unequal, and that they should have control of the care of their own body. In light of that though, wouldn’t you say that the rights of all women should be protected? If so, what about the women who are unborn persons? What rights do you think that they should be afforded?

“Abortion is a matter of choice.”

It’s true that a any woman should have the right to make her own choices about her healthcare. If a wart or growth exists inside of a woman, she definitely has the right to choose to remove it. If though the choice is being made to end the life of the unborn human person living inside her, do you still believe it’s a matter of choice?

“Abortion is a matter of women’s healthcare.”

Abortion can be considered a healthcare issue for women, but it is equally a healthcare issue for the unborn human person she is choosing to kill, isn’t it?

“There is no verse in the Bible that speaks to abortion.”

You are correct. There are no passages in the Scripture that use the word abortion…or trinity for that matter. That doesn’t mean that the Bible doesn’t speak to the Trinity. The same is true about abortion. Abortion is the unprovoked and premeditated killing of unborn human persons and that is murder. ““You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13, ESV)

“Pastors are not medical professionals and are not qualified to speak about abortion.”

Which medical professionals? Why do you only cite medical professionals who agree with your position? What makes a person qualified to “speak” to an issue? Doesn’t that qualification come from education? If it does, then why are you opposed to educating women about the human person inside of them?

Make no mistake; the abortion fight is not dead. We have been given the opportunity to defend the defenseless and those who have a vested interest in keeping the institution of abortion alive in America will use the sound bite culture of social media to make their case. For them and many of their readers, arguments and logic have long lost their appeal. We must be apt at using the same tactics and to force the discussion back to its proper place.

Nancy Pearcey said recently that we should stop arguing the old “life” argument. Everyone, including medical professionals already understand that the unborn is “life”. Pearcey encouraged us to argue that the unborn are persons. Recently that has become obvious to the willfully ignorant. The videos exposing Planned Parenthood have uncovered that truth and have infuriated those who have to ask themselves, “Why am I angry at Planned Parenthood if those babies are not persons?”

The answer is as obvious as the nose on the faces of those aborted babies.

So, while abortion advocates continue to shadow box, don’t let them out of the corner. Take the gloves off and force them into the ring of truth.


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