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New Kid in Town (Verse 1)

“There’s talk on the street, it sounds so familiar. Great expectations, everybody’s watching you.”- Don Henley, Glenn Frey & John David Souther That’s the first lines to a great song. If you don’t recognize it, it’s New Kid in Town by the Eagles, one of my favorite bands. It’s an interesting song, which on the […]

Apologetics Jesus Resurrection

Was Jesus’ Body Stolen?

“Have you ever wondered who stole the body of Jesus? Seriously, you don’t believe that someone actually rose from the dead, do you?”   That is a normal train of thought for a lot of people. It’s their theory, their narrative that explains away the resurrection of Jesus. It goes like this…   “There were […]

Apologetics Jesus

Mary’s Acquittal

The other day, our men’s group was faced with a difficult question. What evidence do we have that Mary was actually a virgin when she conceived Jesus? The accusation was that Mary may have made up the story to avoid being stoned because that context, sleeping around was punishable by death. We had about three […]