Can You Stand the Heat of the Tolerant?

It’s early June in Tennessee and things are really heating up.

If you’ve ever visited the South in the summertime, you’ve been introduced to the idea of sweltering heat.

No, it’s not that 100º plus heat of Arizona. That’s hot for sure. The heat in the southeastern U.S. is different and in my opinion, much more miserable. A combination of hot temperatures plus the added discomfort of high humidity takes a person’s breath. If you’ve visited any of these places, you know what I mean. It’s a hot that’s sweats you like Barak Obama at a NRA convention.

There’s another heat that’s been building. It’s a heat that unfortunately, is going to shock many good people. It’s the heat of the marriage debate.

This heat is not going to shock people because they are unaware of the debate itself. You’d have to literally have your head in the sand to miss it.

This heat is not going to shock people because they haven’t seen the heat of the debate. The rhetoric is hard to miss if you’re on social media or even watch the news.

This heat is going to shock many people simply because they haven’t been exposed to it personally.

You see, you can read about the heat of South Mississippi. You can know people who have travelled there in dog days and have complained about it. You can even watch videos of hot Southern afternoons complete with images of sweaty foreheads, heat mirages, condensation on tea glasses, and post-rain steam. But until you drive into it and open that air-conditioned car door one August afternoon, you ain’t experienced it.

That sweltering shock, that sultry surprise, that dog day disbelief is going to hit some of you square in the face like Al Wilson on a run blitz! All of this consternation calefaction will come as a result of not thinking clearly about the things that matter most. Buying into a few of the simple but effective rhetorical sound bites of the LGBT militarists will have cost you your comfort, your air conditioned continuation of neutrality.

It’s been easy so far for many people to buy into just a few statements that get repeated over and over for the sake of so-called same-sex marriage. These rhetorically strong but logically weak aphorisms are used in place of real arguments to avoid the obvious, marginalize the objections, and deflect the uncertain into the pro-profanation category.

Here are just a few of those statements and why they are simply false.

“Same-sex marriage is about marriage equality.”

The rhetoric behind this statement is employed first to say, opposing same-sex marriage is the same as opposing equality. This pushes people who haven’t engaged the issue thoughtfully into the profanation camp by pressuring them into either admitting that they are opposed to equality by discriminating or submitting to the rhetoric. The obvious truth that is avoided here though is the fact that there is already marriage equality.[1]

All people have the same right to marry because marriage, by its very nature is between one man and one woman. No one is being discriminated against in this sense. Of course a man cannot marry a man because that would be absurd considering the nature of marriage. Marriage is the description of a thing that does not include the circumstance that occurs between same-sex couples, multiple people, or even people and animals. Marriage is a particular thing and to merely call same-sex partners married is like calling a car a rocket ship. Sure, both travel from one place to another but they are not essentially the same.

As far as discrimination goes, we discriminate according lots of things when thinking of marriage. A 10-year-old boy cannot marry his 30-year-old mother. We have no problem discriminating on the basis of family relation. A man cannot marry 10 wives. That is also discrimination based upon number of people. Two 14 year olds cannot marry. We discriminate on the basis of age as well.

The question does not lie in whether we discriminate but why we discriminate and what discrimination ought to include according to what marriage is.

“Same-sex marriage does nothing to harm heterosexual marriage.”

This rhetoric marginalizes the objection by simply stating “no harm, no foul”. Well, doesn’t that just beg the question? Who says it does no harm to real marriage? Isn’t same-sex marriage an inclusion into marriage, or is it some other thing? If same-sex marriage advocates are admitting it is another thing then let’s call it something other than marriage for why would you call a car a rocket? No, they are not admitting that. It is obvious that they are in fact attempting to redefine marriage as if reality, that which is, is definable rather than discoverable. They are simply asking you to keep quiet.

This is the normal rhetorical tactic of same-sex marriage advocates. “We know better and are being tolerant. You ignorant people should keep quiet.” Truly they are attempting to deflect the argument against them by avoiding reality, contradicting themselves along the way. “We want to change marriage to include same-sex couples. We don’t want to change marriage.”-That is what they are actually saying.

“Same-sex marriage will not hurt you.”

This rhetoric is an attempt to marginalize the data that proves otherwise. Bakers lose their businesses[2]. Florists are sued and sent to re-education camps.[3] Fathers are denied access to their children at government schools.[4] Churches are harassed. Everyday, ordinary, peace-loving people are called bigots and racists. All of this at the hands of the so-called ‘tolerant’.

The high-pressure crowd wants you to believe that there’s “no pressure here”. “We only want equality” they say. They attempt to deflect the argument from “why are you hurting people who disagree” to “you won’t be harmed”.

Here’s the truth. This tolerant bunch have not only shown the proclivity to harm those who disagree with them, but they incessantly show the appetite to destroy any institution or person who makes a stand in opposition to their totalitarian philosophy.

Unfortunately, many common people buy into this claim despite the obvious. We read in the papers and on the Internet, hear on the radio, and see on the nightly news a new attack of same-sex militants on people of conviction (religious or not) every week. This is the obvious thing they want to avoid, at least until they have full legal power to fix us. Even if you don’t own a business or don’t plan on making a personal stand in your workplace or your child’s school, you aren’t going to be safe, even at church. Let me quote the United States Solicitor General in his argument to Justice Alito a few days ago, speaking of tax exempt status for religious institutions that will not affirm same-sex marriage.

“You know, I — I don’t think I can answer that question without knowing more specifics, but it’s certainly going to be an issue. I — I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is — it is going to be an issue.” Don Verilli Solicitor General USA[5]

Please read Al Mohler’s article. It’s a good one.

“Same-sex marriage opposition is the same as racism.”

Here’s the biggie. It’s where the real heat is going to be for some of you. It’s going to be where the car door opens and that 95º and 90% humidity are going to punch you in the mouth. You are a bigot!

This is a non-argument for sure. It is definitely an attempt to marginalize anyone who ultimately disagrees with the LGBT philosophy. No one wants to be a bigot, do they?

What’s funny is the fact that these folks masquerade under the façade of tolerance, yet any idea that opposes them is not tolerated. All you have to do to see this is to open Facebook to a debate on the topic and it will quickly become evident how tolerant these folks are. That’s the obvious thing that they try to avoid.

The truth is, they are not tolerant and if you oppose them, no, if you don’t affirm them, they will hurt you!

What is obvious to many of us is the fact that the same-sex marriage movement is not about equality or tolerance; it’s about affirmation and coercion. It is the neo-orthodox position of the left and it is the golden calf of the culture. You don’t have to be a Christian to understand the dynamics at play here.

There is not a lot of light in their arguments though. You can read them, think on them, and post them, but all that will be generated will be heat.

All of these rhetorical phrases are being used to put you in your place!

When you finally open that car door and step out into the reality of all of this, their heat’s going to hit you square in the face. The question is, will you be able to stand it?






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