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Nothing is a Poor Excuse for Anything

When skeptics question the origin of the universe, they often decide that it could not have been the effect of an ultimate cause. Many of them can’t tolerate the idea that the universe came from something. Their answer for what caused the universe to come into existence, like my answer to my wife, is simply nothing.

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If God, Why Sin?

There is a great deal of apologetic energy given to providing evidence for the existence of God, and rightly so. If there is no belief in the existence of God then there is no need of faith in him as a Savior. Furthermore, there is a great deal of thrust toward the evidence of New […]

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No Evidence Religion is True?

Recently I wrote about an article titled Unbiased Opposition to Religion? concerning the blog by Tri Cities Atheist Society (TCAS) titled Unbiased Opposition to Religion. http://tricitiesatheistsociety.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/unbiased-opposition-to-religion/ I would like to apologize for a possible mischaracterization of which I may be guilty. In the article I had written: Should I take seriously the claim that one has […]

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Time, the Hole We Climb Out of…All of the Time

I’m sure you’ve had someone ask you, “Where are you?” You have probably never had anyone ask, “When are you?” I don’t mean when are you going, or when are you planning? I mean, when are you? In other words, when do you exist? Do you exist in the past? No, you existed in the […]