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A Review of “God’s Crime Scene” by J Warner Wallace

When I received J Warner Wallace’s recent book “God’s Crime Scene” several weeks ago, I was pleasantly unsurprised. It was fairly thick and extensive. If you’ve ever met Jim or have had the privilege to hear him speak, you will understand what I mean when I say that Jim Wallace is a man of substance, […]

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The PCA Needs Apologetics Now!

For the last several months my family and I have been attending PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) churches. After becoming reformed as far as my Soteriology (salvation) and gradually becoming reformed in the rest of my theology, we left the church we had attended for 14 years. In that church, we had been involved in […]

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Mr. Pitts and His Dangerous Proposition for Religious Freedom

It’s surprising that such anti-intellectual material is published. Leonard Pitts’ article Jeb Bush chooses experience on gay marriage issue is just that, the pits! If an accomplished ‘writer’ can’t make a coherent point without leveling a barrage of ad hominem attacks, then I question his own ability to make a strong or intelligible point, must […]

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A Reminder of Mean Apologist Disease (MAD)

Mean Apologist Disease (MAD)-the condition of showing a generally condescending, angry, and spiteful attitude of an apologist caused by forgetting his primary purpose. Symptoms may include: angry outbursts, finger pointing, ad hom attacks, name calling, poor word crafting, combative language, use of the word debunked, seek and destroy blog missions, rash, dizziness, insomnia, gas, and […]