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A Review of “God’s Crime Scene” by J Warner Wallace

When I received J Warner Wallace’s recent book “God’s Crime Scene” several weeks ago, I was pleasantly unsurprised. It was fairly thick and extensive. If you’ve ever met Jim or have had the privilege to hear him speak, you will understand what I mean when I say that Jim Wallace is a man of substance, […]

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Mr. Pitts and His Dangerous Proposition for Religious Freedom

It’s surprising that such anti-intellectual material is published. Leonard Pitts’ article Jeb Bush chooses experience on gay marriage issue is just that, the pits! If an accomplished ‘writer’ can’t make a coherent point without leveling a barrage of ad hominem attacks, then I question his own ability to make a strong or intelligible point, must […]

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A Reminder of Mean Apologist Disease (MAD)

Mean Apologist Disease (MAD)-the condition of showing a generally condescending, angry, and spiteful attitude of an apologist caused by forgetting his primary purpose. Symptoms may include: angry outbursts, finger pointing, ad hom attacks, name calling, poor word crafting, combative language, use of the word debunked, seek and destroy blog missions, rash, dizziness, insomnia, gas, and […]