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True Justice-What You Desire

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for America. We are experiencing internal conflict that is not unlike many times in our past, but there seems to be a new height of urgency in it. Although this nation has experienced its share of divisiveness and we understand that at least some of that is intrinsic […]

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He Does Exist!

Why is it that it is becoming more prevalent in popular culture to claim that Jesus never or may have never existed? It’s such an untenable position to claim he didn’t that I can barely see the use in defending the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. There are no scholars in the field who hold […]

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Was Jesus’ Body Stolen?

“Have you ever wondered who stole the body of Jesus? Seriously, you don’t believe that someone actually rose from the dead, do you?”   That is a normal train of thought for a lot of people. It’s their theory, their narrative that explains away the resurrection of Jesus. It goes like this…   “There were […]

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Mary’s Acquittal

The other day, our men’s group was faced with a difficult question. What evidence do we have that Mary was actually a virgin when she conceived Jesus? The accusation was that Mary may have made up the story to avoid being stoned because that context, sleeping around was punishable by death. We had about three […]