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A Loss of Southern Hospitality

In a culture that has always prided itself on words like honor and respect, I sense an awful turn in the tide, a loss of Southern hospitality. I live in the Southern United States. It’s all about being polite and friendly here. At least it used to be. I have noticed a prevailing wind. It’s […]

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If God, Why Sin?

There is a great deal of apologetic energy given to providing evidence for the existence of God, and rightly so. If there is no belief in the existence of God then there is no need of faith in him as a Savior. Furthermore, there is a great deal of thrust toward the evidence of New […]

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Good Without God?

On a local atheist’s website, the statement is made that, “Tri Cities Atheist Society was created as a community of atheists who want to see our area grow and prosper without the need for religious beliefs in a fallacious god concept. We want to show that we are good without God and can do everything […]