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Unbiased Opposition to Religion?

On April 28th this year, the Tri Cities Atheist Society posted a blog titled Unbiased Opposition to Religion http://tricitiesatheistsociety.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/unbiased-opposition-to-religion/.   Other than the ranting and the ad hominem attacks, the author made a few claims that need not stand unopposed. It wouldn’t be difficult to find something in this article to pick on, although it […]

Apologetics Morality

Good Without God?

On a local atheist’s website, the statement is made that, “Tri Cities Atheist Society was created as a community of atheists who want to see our area grow and prosper without the need for religious beliefs in a fallacious god concept. We want to show that we are good without God and can do everything […]

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New Kid in Town (Verse 1)

“There’s talk on the street, it sounds so familiar. Great expectations, everybody’s watching you.”- Don Henley, Glenn Frey & John David Souther That’s the first lines to a great song. If you don’t recognize it, it’s New Kid in Town by the Eagles, one of my favorite bands. It’s an interesting song, which on the […]