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Awe, Point Missed, Point Made

Awe Missed There always seems to be some misunderstanding between atheists and theists. In a recent article For the Beauty of the Earth, I wrote of the sense of awe and how it was evidence for the existence of God. It was a presentation of the argument from aesthetics for God’s existence. Point made It’s […]

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The Atheist Posture of Persecution

On a local atheist’s website and corresponding Facebook page, there is so much bashing of religious people in the name of freedom and oppression that I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s not clear to me that what this person(s) is claiming, this atheist posture of persecution, matches what I seem to be […]

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Unbiased Opposition to Religion?

On April 28th this year, the Tri Cities Atheist Society posted a blog titled Unbiased Opposition to Religion   Other than the ranting and the ad hominem attacks, the author made a few claims that need not stand unopposed. It wouldn’t be difficult to find something in this article to pick on, although it […]

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Construction at Chick-fil A

Today, my wife, my daughter, and I were going through the drive-thru at Chic-fil A. I had a hankering for a milk shake after a shoe shopping experience and this busy little, Christian friendly restaurant was on the way. The selection from the menu was short and sweet, a small, strawberry shake, so we were […]