Relearning the Value Southern Agrarianism-from Scotland

Southern Agrarianism lost and found

There’s a way of living that has almost disappeared from the Southland of the US    It’s the mixture of food, farm, and community that’s foreign to the modern Southern conservative and stolen by hipsters who think they’re teaching us healthy living. Southern Agrarians are the forefathers of places like Earthfare and Trader Joe’s, farmers markets, and craft breweries. These are not forward looking ingenuity but hybrids of an historical way of living.

Christian roots

This agrarian lifestyle is foundationally Christian. It focuses on neighbor love and God’s covenant with Adam. It will be a subject I tie into apologetics and culture this year.

From Scotland

But first, I was so impressed with this article from David Robertson that I wanted it to begin the new year by reintroducing us to who we once were. Pastor Robertson, a Scottish Calvinist, may not label his article agrarian but his ideas are distinctly that.

This is a great article by David Robertson whose final conclusion represents so much of what Christians misunderstand about present living. It’s something our Southern agrarian forefathers did well and shares principles we’d do well to remember and continue. All I can add is Mr Robertson says it better than I have seen in a while.

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