Southern Drawl

There are some words that folks use every day in the South that you may not be familiar with. That’s part of our Southern Drawl. Some of these words are pretty churchy and in todays culture are either misunderstood or deliberately changed to mean something other than what they’re intended to. I’m going to start a list and try to define things so we can all be on the same page. Most of this ain’t rocket science so don’t get your collar all starched if you disagree. It can all be worked out on the back porch.

y’all-you and the rest of you

all y’all-everyone

breakfast-morning meal served with grits

dinner-afternoon meal

supper-evening meal

barbecue-an outdoor community event that surrounds smoked meat, sometimes includes whiskey and dancing, and is hosted by gentlemen and ladies

hollow-hawler-low lying area between two ridges

ridge-land of decreasing elevation that extends from the top of a mountain

flat-level area on a ridge that is the best place to hunt deer or build a house

Faith-something you know about, you believe is true, and you place your trust in.

truth-something that goes along with the way things really are.

nothing-no-thing (duh)

God-the self-existant, timeless, spaceless, immaterial Being, who created the universe.

Universe-everything that is space, time, or matter.

Bible-66 individual historical documents, authored by over 40 different authors, over a period of 4000 years, inspired by God, inerrant and infallible in their original texts.

inspired-God breathed the very words, using the writers skills and style to communicate truth.

infallible-incapable of making a mistake.

inerrant-contains no mistakes.

Jesus of Nazareth (Christ)-the God/man testified to in the Bible and other ancient texts who was born of a virgin, lived and taught in Galilee, had many followers and 12 disciples, was crucified, and rose from the dead in 3 days.

Christian-follower of Christ

local church-place where you should go each Sunday (not necessarily made entirely of Christians)

Church-the greater group of people who ARE Christians throughout the world and history who represent and are Christ’s authority on earth.

apologetic-a defense of what one believes like (kind of like Matlock)

theology-anything you believe to be true about God

orthodoxy-correct theology

grace-anything God gives to humanity or an individual, whether it brings joy, peace, or suffering

wrath-the punishment God gives to unbelievers (or what an SEC football team distributes to other teams)

mercy-anytime God doesn’t display wrath (or what a Southern lady says when she’s surprised)

atheist-a person who claims there is no God

agnostic-a person who is not sure if there is a God

theist-a person who claims there is a God

time-a succession of moments measuring change

matter-anything made up of stuff

space-what matter is contained in

soul-part of a person which is not physical and self-aware

argument-a presentation of a point of view

evidence-testimony, archeology, science, philosophy, logic, etc. that supports an argument

fallacy-an improper argument

syllogism-form of an argument supported by 2 or more premises (if a is true and b is true then c must be true)

premise-parts of a logical argument which lead to a conclusion

defeater-evidence that negates an argument